Ed Purkiss


As a young Southern Californian in the mid-70s, Edward Purkiss was having a rough time with his mathematics courses. But out of the corner of his eye he noticed something new and unusual – an Apple II computer. Convincing the head of department to let him have some time with it, he taught himself and soon excelled at programming the little device, getting a job developing software for the school district and eventually conquering advanced mathematics by teaching the computer how to do it.

That desire and audacity to try anything became a fundamental driver in his life. At age 19, he was the Director of Curriculum Development and a partner at Accelerated Computer Training by day, rock musician playing keyboards up and down the California coast by night. By 1986, Ed was the CEO of T. S. & D. Associates, a specialized consulting firm focused on database software development for financial and real estate concerns, political groups and high-volume mail campaigns like the Society to Protect Social Security, Howard Jarvis’ proposition-13 follow up efforts and the Doris Day Animal League.

In 1990, Ed sold his firm to a group in Phoenix, the founder of which would eventually become his wife and partner. Together, they and another partner built a variety of business units focused on vanity 800 numbers, call centers, robotic travel technology and even traveler tracking for the USVI government. They grew their call center business to over 80 million in annual sales and were rewarded for their efforts by selling to McCord Travel in 2000 at a multiple unheard of at that time in the industry, based on their scalable infrastructure and proprietary software.

It was also in 2000 that Ed’s wife, Mary, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Together, they took several years off to recover and regroup, eventually returning to work with doctors Mary had met during her many surgeries, focusing on bringing more business acumen and cost efficiency to medical practices. This soon lead to the development of Iron Medical Systems® in 2007, now the largest Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider to oncology practices and hospitals in the world - and where Ed Purkiss is CEO to this day.

Although having met Dr. Barry Fernando as early as 2000, it wasn’t until 2014 that they joined forces to create Ronan Solutions™, for which Ed shares CEO responsibilities with Barry. Bringing specialized technology he and his team had developed over the previous decade, neuraLOGIX is the framework which powers the almost impossible task of collecting information from a huge variety of EMR sources and software modalities, powering the Ronan DataCube. Today, he spends much of his efforts focused with the team on AI and machine learning R&D, and how to grow, normalize and streamline Ronan’s data ingress, ingestion, filtering and presentation mechanisms.