Mary Purkiss

Chief Operations Officer

Even as a young woman starting her career as a 4th grade teacher in Connecticut, Mary Purkiss understood the need for structure and organization in an environment to create success. Now after almost 3 decades of experience as an operations architect, Chief Operations Officer and entrepreneur, it’s clear that her vision and passion are spot on.

Mary’s business experience started in the early 80s as founder of a small travel agency. Within a couple years in business, it was clear that the tools available to the industry were insufficient and, with her partner, she developed and sold MACS, a back-office accounting and business management system. In use by thousands of travel agencies across the United States, it was eventually sold to Worldspan, a consortium of TWA, Northwest and Delta airlines in 1989.

The experience and infrastructure developed for MACS, lead her into owning, building and running call centers servicing all the inbound marketing for the US Virgin Islands, various vanity 800 travel services like 800-FLY-ASAP, 800-FLY-4-LESS, 800-SKI-CHEAP, 800-BEST-CRUISE and the like. It was here, as Chief Operations Officer, that she, with her partner and husband Edward Purkiss, built a travel call center to 80 million in annual sales and 500 employees in just 3 years. It was then sold to McCord Travel - at that time the 9th largest travel company in the U.S.

It was in January of 2000 that Mary received the unfortunate diagnosis of breast cancer. After several years of treatment and becoming friends with her medical team, she began to recognize the technology and budgeting challenges that physicians dealt with on a daily basis. It was at this time that she, her husband Edward and longtime friend Dave Barchas, founded Iron Medical Systems® in 2007. The new team deployed a private medical cloud designed for radiation and medical oncology practices in 2009. As Chief Operating Officer, Mary led the company to a HITRUST certification in 2015 and is responsible for operations supporting treatment and technology services from Hawaii to Maine.

It was in 2014 where Mary and Ed met up with the Anzu team and recognized the need for business metrics data in the aesthetic medical arena. Together, Iron Medical Systems® and Anzu Medical created Ronan Solutions LLC, where Mary, as Chief Operations Officer, works together with the team to grow and build the Ronan DataCube to offer business metrics data to the medical and business community.